Why Granite Kitchen Countertops Are Better Than Laminate?

Granite Countertops:
These countertops forged of natural stones come in a variety of colors and patterns that are extremely resistant. If you want to add a luxury feel to your kitchen, by retaining its resale value consider a granite countertop to meet your needs. Adding a granite countertop to your home is a tough decision but needs a few considerations.
Granite countertops are manufactured from mined stones from deep in the ground and fragmenting it into 9 to 10 feet long slabs. The fragmented tiles once are saw-cut, the resin has filled any pits making it a porous surface. Tiles are treated in an oven and buffed to make it ready for commercial use. This treatment makes it long-lasting.
Granite provides limitless color options. Slabs are available in a variety of:
• light granite,
• dark granite,
• and many mixed shades in between.
Naturally, stones aren’t man-made you’re adding an element of natural luxury to your home by staying in your budget. Granite provides you with hundreds of assorted designs and colors to choose from that perfectly match your interior. Granite Business is an online website that helps you make a better decision either to invest in granite or laminate.

Granite vs. Laminate Kitchen Countertops
The most familiar and utilized space in your kitchen where the entire family gathers for lunch or dinners if. Granite can help you remake the kitchen countertops more durable. We have listed few benefits of using granite countertops rather than laminate for your kitchen.

Cost Factor
We all know that stone for kitchen countertops have always been a pricey idea, which is why homeowners decide to opt for laminate surfaces to stay in budget. However, if you do the quick math calculation you’ll realize that granite is a cheaper option for future while there are many future costs associated with the laminate countertops. A natural stone countertop when installed is more durable and can last-long with less maintenance cost. No need to spend a lot on maintaining scratches stains and burns anymore, while doing what you do in the kitchen.
Laminate countertops, on the other hand, are exactly the reverse. Can be easily scratched, burned and stained, which requires a lot of maintenance & replacement sooner rather than later. A kitchen is that space in your house where you do a lot of prepping, cooking and eating on the countertops, thus it is better off with a durable stone like granite.

The quality of granite is more rigid and durable as compared to a laminate surface. If you’re searching for a kitchen countertop that lasts long, then granite is the perfect choice for you. Still few of us can prefer laminate surfaces that resemble natural stones like marble and granite, but the standards of it simply don’t live up to the mark which you expect from countertops. You must be ready to chop, slice, bake and create little messes without concern regarding ruin the surface. This is often the terrible reason you’ll realize granite being the highest selection for several owners.

Heat Resistance
Those who love baking and cookery should have the knowledge to protect & maintain kitchen countertop surfaces from heat and scratches. This can be very true once you’re handling laminate room countertops. The adherent behind the surface will become loose once the temperature rises above 150 degrees. In alternative words, you need to set your pan of hot cookies on the stove high to stop injury. Yet you don’t need to worry regarding burns and the surface getting apart once you have installed granite stone counters. No need for a trivet either, therefore you'll be able to set the pots and pans directly on high of the counter.

Stain & Scratch Resistant
Cutting boards are necessary if you’re aiming to chop and dice the food for dinner on your laminate counter. Therefore, not using them will leave ugly scratches on the surface. The same implies for water and food spills. These will lead to many stains and unpleasant scratches on a laminate surface, but you need to worry when it comes to a granite surface. Granite stone is damage and stain resistant because of its nonporous upon protection.
In the long-standing time, you’ll save heaps of cash by putting in a granite tabletop in your kitchen.

Adding Natural Beauty
Laminate merely can’t be compared to the natural looking granite stone. The variability of natural colors and therefore the natural specks and veins granite comes with makes it outstanding. None other slabs can be identical, which makes your kitchen like no other kitchen in the town.
Even if you opt to induce a laminate counter that closely resembles granite, it won’t compare to the durability and appearance of granite.

Enhance Value of Kitchen
Another reason householders feel better to install granite into their homes is because of they realize it will facilitate in increasing their property worth. Not solely will they get a return on their investment; however, it attracts prospects.
Home consumers love kitchens with lovely natural stones like marble and granite. So, if you’re considering swing your home on the market shortly, you'll be able to have a lot of confidence by putting in granite into the room

For many thousands of years Granite has been around us. It surely can last the lifetime of your kitchen countertops. If you wish to make a one long time investment that will continue to increase the value and functionality of your kitchen, then the best way to go is Granite.

Fast and Convenient Installation
Installation of granite is faster and more convenient process than ever before. Some may feel it takes a very long time in installation, but most of the times it can be installed within a day period. Of course, this would rely on what other factors may get between, such as the demolition of the old cabinet and counters in your kitchen.
Thus, giving preference to the Granite kitchen countertops can save you in many ways. Be wise and make a better decision which not only adds value, but also saves money. Checkout another blog post about benefits of granite countertops.